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William Maze is a DUI defense lawyer with 17 years of jury trial experience, including many OWI 3rd cases, serious impairment of a bodily function cases, and OWI causing death. Mr. Maze lectures on DUI defense and has been qualified as an expert witness. Call (734) 591-0100 today!

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If you are charged with OWI, DUI, DWI, or a serious felony drunk driving offense, call us as soon as possible at (734) 591-0100 so we can help you choose the right attorney for your case. We will help you select a lawyer carefully tailored to meet your needs and budget, EVEN IF IT'S TO A DIFFERENT LAW FIRM.

Recognized Across Michigan & Nationally Involved

William Maze is involved in DUI defense and other criminal defense matters on the state and national level. He travels the nation obtaining the highest quality training available for lawyers. Please review our list of qualifications and numerous client and lawyer testimonials.

Michigan DUI Penalties

Researching the law and need a quick summary of Michigan drunk driving laws? Here is a brief summary of Michigan's drunk driving penalties for a first time offender.

Courtroom Veterans

Experience counts. William Maze of the Maze Legal Group has argued and held hundreds of successful motion hearings, evidentiary hearings, and jury trials. Put that experience to work for you.

We Try Cases to Win

At the Maze Legal Group, we offer the highest quality legal services to challenge a DUI charge, and we are prepared to effectively argue your case before a jury. We don't simply plead cases!

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Review our 3 minute video introducing you to the Maze Legal Group to learn more about our drunk driving defense practice.

Over .08?

Scientific and legal defenses can prove your innocence.

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Don't hope for the case to go away. The prosecutor is getting a warrant. Act now!

WARNING: Chemical Test Refusals

If you refused the breath test, you have 14 days to request a hearing.

Metro Detroit's Award-Winning Drunk Driving Defense

     The Maze Legal Group is dedicated to providing you with the best drunk driving defense in the metropolitan Detroit area. We cover all areas of Michigan but primarily practice in Wayne County, Oakland County, Washtenaw and Macomb County. Because of the severe criminal sanctions, serious license ramifications, and the negative social stigma affiliated with a drunk driving conviction, we understand that there is a demand for serious lawyers who have the knowledge and ability to defend these highly technical cases.

     William Maze of the Maze Legal Group is Michigan's leading drunk driving defense attorney, dedicated to challenging DUI cases whenever possible. He has successfully handled hundreds of drunk driving cases including many felony drunk driving cases. William has represented many people charged with OUID for operating under the influence of drugs, including the draconian "any amount" laws regarding cocaine and marijuana. He has also successfully represented people accused of causing serious impairment of a body function in drunk driving accident cases as well as OWI causing death cases.

     William has received some of the best training in the nation, learning advanced trial skills to effectively challenge police evidence. He has received training in Michigan's breath testing machine, the BAC Datamaster, and actually owns two working models and all current preliminary breath testing (PBT) units. William has also received advanced training in field sobriety testing and toxicology training.

     William has been qualified as an expert witness in drunk driving cases when he is not acting as the defense lawyer. His testimony has assisted other lawyers in getting contested cases resolved favorably on behalf of the client. William has also testified before jurors when cases could not be resolved, countering state-sponsored experts and police testimony.

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